Etsy vs. Square Space vs. Shopify

If you have been an Etsy subscriber - you got the e-mail last week. For the first time since 2007, they are raising their commission fees. I have always been a loyal supporter of Etsy and will more than likely continue to do so, because they offer an unsurpassed platform for new artists and businesses that do not have an established following. However as a seller, I must evaluate my avenues of selling moving forth. I really do understand the increase in sale commissions. I really do not understand the addition of a commission on the shipping fees. As a seller, I am not earning profit from shipping, but with this new policy, it is actually costing me money to ship a product that my buyer is paying shipping for. The other MAJOR factor in my decision to slowly move more of my product for sale over to my website is the fact that I am reading horror stories of Etsy deciding to simply shut down long time seller's stores out of the blue. The thing that is so easy to forget, is that we do not OWN our Etsy store. Etsy owns our listings and shop. Ultimately, they control it. As an artist, trying to make a living selling online, I must take control of my work and not hand that over to another party. In the past, I had been very content to use Etsy as a "back-up" of sorts for my work pictures. I spend a lot of time and energy to create my listing pictures, not only to show my product in the best light, but also to keep a portfolio for promotions as well as for myself. I will continue to use my Etsy shop, however, I will use it carefully as a promotional tool and will offer more work via my website. And - I will be sure to maintain back-ups of all of my images.

So now, the questions is Square Space vs. Shopify . . . I have loved Loved Square Space for many years - the design is top notch!  BUT . . . . .  I am hearing of the awesome seller options for Shopify that Square Space is lacking. So I am on to more research and currently exploring a 14 day trial. I need to make a decision soon.  I would love to hear your input if you have any! 

Ericka O'RourkeComment