a new chapter . . .

Trail Feather by Ericka O'Rourke

Trail Feather by Ericka O'Rourke

It's been awhile . . . I am finally getting back to a well needed creating space after a very long reflection.  I'm not one to share by nature, but after my break I think it needs to be said - I lost both of my parents within 10 days of one another in the fall of 2016. It was a life changing experience in so many ways. I am so fortunate to have had them in my life and to be with them for each step of their journey.  Their lifelong support of my creative passions was a gift that led me to where I am today. As difficult as it was, I was also given some of the most beautiful and enlightening moments in my life. I'll leave it at that.

I did make a decision to sell my ceramic studio in order to focus on my painting and metal smithing. So while I still have some remaining ceramic inventory to list, there will be no new ceramic work indefinitely (With the exception of small jewelry components that I can fit in my new awesome Paragon SC2!) -  I deeply apologize to the inquiries I have received regarding my ceramic work and I thank you so much for your support and understanding. 

I will be listing the last of my studio inventory in my etsy shop - discounted for a studio sale clean out. I do have a lot of new paintings and silver work to list and a lot of exciting projects in the works - I am transferring my blog over to this site moving forth.  I am still in the process of updating the website as well, so please bare with the holes for a little bit. 

As always - Thank you for your support and understanding! 

XO - Ericka